Winning Takes Work

Those who thrive in this business get out and make things happen. That’s why last year Hastings saw 87 percent of the deals in the lower middle market energy services and equipment sector.

Other firms saw only a fraction of that. Why? Because while everyone else was waiting for brokers to bring them deal books, we were out in the world. Discovering the next big opportunity. Gaining exclusive insights that helped identify investment themes. And finding the next big industry trends—along with those businesses taking advantage.

Why Lower Middle Market Energy Services?

These companies deliver consistent, low-risk growth. Often overlooked because of a perceived lack of sophistication, this niche market is composed of companies that have attractive upsides at scale, low leverage levels and experienced leadership. Their constraints are often a matter of resources rather than market or vision. And they’re much more responsive than their larger counterparts.

Company Performance Essentials

Hastings Equity Partners targets qualified businesses within our space that have a strong core foundation. This means a strong idea that’s been market-validated, along with people who have valuable knowledge and skills within the sector. Then we build upon this foundation to scale and sell.

Investment Criteria

Hastings Motion Marks
  • Energy

    Services & Equipment

  • $4-$20

    million EBITDA

  • Management



  • 3-5 YRS

    of profitable operations

  • Located in