Why Industrial Services and Manufacturing?

The U.S. industrial services sector is poised for growth—supporting assets, products and infrastructure of strategic national significance. Often overlooked, its smaller players can bring superior responsiveness, experienced leadership and a loyal customer base enabling them to punch above their weight. And their constraints are often a matter of limited resources rather than limited market or vision.

Company Performance Essentials

Hastings Equity Partners targets qualified businesses within our space that have a strong core foundation. This means a strong idea that’s been market-validated, along with people who have valuable knowledge and skills within the sector. Then we build upon this foundation in order to grow businesses to scale.

Investment Criteria

Hastings Motion Marks
  • Industrial

    Services & Equipment

  • $4-$20

    million EBITDA

  • Management



  • 3-5 YRS

    of profitable operations

  • Located in



Strength Where You Need It Most

Our approach is to add what’s missing for each portfolio company to truly succeed—without limiting the things that have made them strong to date. That means adding onto each company’s foundation.

What We Strive to Preserve:

Sector-Specific Core Expertise and Skills

These markets take decades to learn, much less master. And building customer trust takes time. That’s why we work hard to protect this intellectual capital.

Market-Validated Models

Each portfolio company is proven in the marketplace, so we optimize rather than change or break the way each of these companies approach their business.

Driven Leadership

Portfolio company leadership is composed of pioneers, innovators and those who’ve mastered the art of execution. We want to help them, not get in the way.

What we add into the mix:

Infrastructure & Capital Access

Our investments need the ability to focus on core strengths—then capitalize on them. That’s why we bring ready-made capabilities and resources to the mix.

Marketing & Sales Optimization

Hastings® experts know how to help maximize revenues responsibly by closing the gap between real-world performance and market perception.

Growth & Exit Support

Our team brings expert management to the process of scaling up, and helps you exit with a strong legacy you can be proud of.